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Flowers for March

Good morning all, My first post on this forum so hello! I'm fairly new to gardening, I have purchased my first house recently and really taken a passion for it! I am getting married in March 2016, and I'm planning on growing the flowers for it? We are planning on having terracotta pots with lovely white flowers growing in it. Could anyone tell me what I could grow that will flower in March (mid March) and also when to start growing them? Thank you so much!


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    I have grown double white daffodils , can't think of the name

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    Violas and pansies, anemone blanda, white daffodils, early tulips maybe.   

    The daffs and tulips can be sourced in garden centres from August onwards and need to be planted at 3 times their depth in the pots.  You can then plant the violas and pansies over them when they appear in the shops in the autumn.   Keep them sheltered from heavy frosts so the bulbs don't freeze to a mush.

    Another alternative would be to plant the bulbs in individual or group pots which you keep in the garage until shoots start to show in late winter/early spring and then bring into the light to grow on.   You can then plant up your larger terracotta pots just before the wedding with the best specimens.

    If you're planning small terracotta pots on the tables then I'd stick to using whatever's around at your local nursery or garden centre.  You may be able to pre-order enough plugs of white pansies or violas to pot up a week or two before the wedding and have looking good on the day.   They have cheery little faces and are often perfumed.



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  • That sounds great thanks so much for that. When's best planting the daffs/tulips? Will Hycinthes work aswell?
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     This photo was taken in early March, albeit after a very cold winter. 

    Crocus Snow Bunting planted 3 deep and as close as possible in a pot of multipurpose compost and left outside in a quiet corner over winter.

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