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Curly Tomatoes

I am a novice gardener.

I have put some tomatoes in my greenhouse and they have been doing pretty well. (No idea what variety they are as I chucked the packets) image

They get watered every night (and some mornings as well if they look quite dry). Over the last few days I have noticed that the leaves are starting to curl and wonder if I have some sort of aphid attacking them.

Tonight I showed my Mother-In-Law who is a keen gardener and she hadn't seen this happen before.

Is this something to worry about and should I nip these leaves off?

I should say in previous years I have grown toms successfully outside but this is my first year in a greenhouse - in anew garden.

Thanks in advance for any advice and guidance.





  • BobTheGardenerBobTheGardener Posts: 11,391

    Large variations in temperature are the usual cause.  The vents and door should be open all day and closed at night if you can manage it.  Automatic vent openers are a bit expensive but are really worth fitting if you don't have any.

    By the way, the curled leaves are not a problem and you should leave them on.

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  • Rosie31Rosie31 Posts: 483

    Can you post a photo of the curled leaves? 

  • DovefromaboveDovefromabove Posts: 83,828

    As Edd says, let the compost dry out - only water when the compost is dry below the surface and the leaves are beginning to flag.  Then give them a good soak and allow to dry out again.

    Curling leaves can be caused by over-watering or by fluctuations in temperature, or it can just be what that variety of tomato is prone to doing.  It's not a problem. 

    I wouldn't give tomato food until the first truss of fruit has set.


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  • Suz3Suz3 Posts: 105
    Brilliant advice......thank you much! I will try and upload photo if technology allows! Xx
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