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small terracotta pots with crimped rim

Some years ago, there were a number of places selling small terracotta pots with a wavy, frilled, fluted - whatever it's called - edge.  At that time I didn't really like them, now I'm thinking they would fit very well in my garden, I can only find one place that has them (Littlethorpe pottery in Rippon), and they have a very wide wavy rim - really nice and I've ordered some but I'd very much like to find some of the type with a very tight crimped edge/rim.  Anyone seen any lately?


  • Flower Girl3Flower Girl3 Posts: 111


    Have you looked on ebay or somewhere like that, they sell everything so you might find some second hand ones on there or gumtree, even your local garden centre! Hope this helps.

  • marys2marys2 Posts: 2

    Thanks - I've tried all those, and asked at many garden centres, and even architectural antiques, they seem to have disapeared altogether!

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