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Talkback: Weeds and weather

Interesting when you talk about weed. In Germany you can buy Yarrow in almost every colour, which is a wonderful native butterfly- and a bee magnet. And Vinca is also sold here as a nice and very effectual ground-cover against weed!. Now that makes me wonder about the definition of a so-called WEED.


  • Dandelions are a wonderful source of food for finches but particularly Bull finches. We have many dandelions in our lawn and currently each morning we see a pair of Bull finches feeding - they love the soft seed heads!
  • Oh! the dreaded weeds my neighbour loves dandelions so much he leaves them to seed all over the place I think we have more dandelions in our small road than we really need as we've nothing that eats them the slugs and snails don't touch them.
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