Infested Tree?

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Hi all - I have 2 trees at the back of my garden that I believe are hazel trees (could be wrong!) 

I've noticed that the end of the branches are covered in what seems to be some sort of insect egg or tiny bugs - im not really sure what they are to be honest - very very tiny. I'm wondering if anyone knows what it is?

The 'bugs' are on virtually every branch, so in my mind treating the tree with some sort of spray would be a nightmare, so I'm wondering if it's something that's normal and you let it pass, or if I should just remove the trees? If so, I could live with that as they aren't particularly dear to me. 

Interested to hear some advice - thanks!!



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    They are aphids I think.   Leave them alone and the birds will come and hover them up for their young and with any luck the ladybirds and hover flies will come and eat them too.

    Try hanging some peanut or fat ball feeders near the tree to encourage the birds to investigate..

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    It's black fly I agree don't worry about it
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    Thanks guys! I've got a bird feeder there but it's been empty for some time, so will grab some peanuts and see how we go!

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