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I have never grown any type of soft fruit before, so I am a complete novice.

I have bought two Tayberry plants (Rubus Loganobaccus) from Wilkinsons which I intend growing in 10" pots. The diagrammatic information shows that flowers are produced in June/July & fruit forms in Aug/Sept. Pruning takes place in March next year. My problem is this; (these maybe daft questions)


1 - Are these summer fruiting plants?


2 - If summer fruiting, do I prune back all stems after fruiting is finished? Or do these stems produce more fruit next year?


After watching some videos (raspberries) there seems to be a marked difference in the pruning methods for summer & autumn fruiting plants. All of which totally confuses me. Can anyone help??? Thanks.   


  • Forester_PeteForester_Pete Posts: 174

    I have some tayberries in the border around my patio. All planted in the soil so I cant advise about the pot aspect.

    These fruit in the summer and once fruiting is completed you can cut the stems back to the ground. I usually wait until later in the year though,

    While this is going on a new set of stems will be growing. These will fruit next year and will need tying in as they grow.

    I tend to do both the pruning of old stems and the tying in of new at the same time although I always wish I spent more time tying in as the year goes on.

    Tayberry crumble and custard....mmmmmm


  • LoganLogan Posts: 2,532
    They need a bigger pot say 20x20in for the tayberries agree with the rest and the raspberries, summer fruiting you cut down the old stems after fruiting then they grow new stems for next year, autumn fruiting after fruiting leave the stems on until the spring then you cut them down.But you can leave them and they will fruit

    again in the summer then cut them down
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