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confused cucumber

I am growing cucumbers, chillis, peppers and tomatoes for the first time in my new/first ever green house (very excited). Any advise please such as when to feed, how tall do cucumbers and peppers grow, pots or grow bags...and anything else...



  • Blue OnionBlue Onion Posts: 2,941

    What variety did you plant?  That will make a world of difference.  

    Utah, USA.
  • Forester_PeteForester_Pete Posts: 152

    My greenhouse cucumbers grow about a metre high and need lots of tying in. The sit in growbags with growpots on a shelf and grow up the roof apex. They need quite regular feeding. My variety is Beth Alpha.

    My greenhouse tomatoes sit on the floor in growpots on growbags again and are allowed to grow as high as the support sticks which are maybe 1.5m or so before the tip gets cut. Again regular watering regular feeding regular side shoot removal.

    I have only been doing this a few years so still figuring it out myself!

  • Hi'Blue Onion,' - the cucumber variety is called marketmore and tomatoes moneymaker.  Not sure about the chilli and pepper plants.

    Hi Forester Pete, thankyou too for your reply.  I do water daily but am new to feeding - do you feed both with tomato feed weekly and when do you need to start feeding? I presumed tomatoes would need staking but have underestimated the size of cucumbers maybe staking is needed too (I noticed yesterday they have tendrals trying to hold onto thin airimage  O how many cucumbers per grow bag - three or two?

    Thank you both 

  • Hi Pickle  don't know about market more but definitely stake and tie in every 6inches  'coz q s are heavy fruits ours grow from the GH base to the roof and along the apex if they have something to tie to. I think grow bags might not be deep enough a bucket or similar size pot would be better and if you feed and water well you'll get a good crop.

    Tomatoes are different but I still use buckets it is easier to support the cane, don't start feeding untill first tiny toms form. And pinch out the side shoots so they only have one main stem.Pepper plants I grow as more of a Bush,  Have fun with your GH and I bet by this time next year you'll wish it was twice the sizeimage

  • Blue OnionBlue Onion Posts: 2,941




    This seed website has good information about cultivation.  I've never staked my peppers.  I just feed them with tomato feed every few weeks once the first few fruits have set.  

    Utah, USA.
  • Thanks Primrosecottage, like a kid in a sweet shop at present - as my son and the cat have taken to sitting in the GH with me, it is cosy, but I love it. Thank you for your advise, hadn't considered buckets before - good tip. Will be pinching out toms tomorrow, as bit late now the neighbours may think I'm a little odd!image

  • Don't forget to make holes in the bottom of themimage( as if you wouldimage)

    Haven't you noticed us gardeners out at night with head torches on imageSlug safari hunt ing. Odd who says gardeners are oddimage

  • barry islandbarry island Posts: 1,613

    I love marketmore they are so easy to grow and bear loads of fruit, don't forget to pick them when they are between four and five inches long and they do need the skin removing before eating but apart from that they are really juicy. I have grown them both in the greenhouse and outside and have to say that they grew better outside planted straight into the soil, they can be left to trail but I grew them up a cane wigwam.

  • Thank you everyone for your advise, off to flex those budding green fingers  while the sun is still shining image Tonights job is straw for the strawberries _ apparently they like a soft landing when the black birds peck through my netting!!

  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 16,523

    Marketmore , i have grown outside, I just let them do their own thing, but I prop the actual cucumbers  on an upside down pot or something to keep them off the soil.


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