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I've just bought a four- pot multi pack of sweet peas ( about five to each pot) and they are about 6 inches tall... I have an approx 15 inch and fairly deep pot that I'd like to plant them in with an obelisk for support. Do I need to separate each plantlet? I'm worried about disturbing their roots. How many plantlets could I put in this pot? And should I pinch them out? Many thanks for any suggestions. 


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    I wouldn't try and separate them . Just plant one potful at the base of each stick, and loosely tie on.

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    I wouldn't seperate them either , pinch them out when they have 4 pairs of leaves to get a bushy effect

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    Thanks guys! Much appreciated! 

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    Pinch out?image

  • Landlubber: Pinching out is where you snip the stem (I use small scissors, for a clean cut), and like Baza said at about the fourth leaf bud. This encourages new strong shoots that will provide the plant with a better structure and provide more flowers, otherwise the plant will be leggy and can look a bit unsightly.



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    Thanks Gladioligirl!!!

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