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To Turf or not to Turf

Hi I have an area of lawn I had a problem with leatherjackets, so I removed to remaining grass and lots of leatherjackets applied nematodes in April with a view to returf this week.

However I have noticed some leatherjackets still in the soil as I have bricks holding a net over the area and when lifted they are in the damp soil under the brick.

Would it be safe to add some topsoil and turf this week and hope most of the leatherjackets have gone and only a few remain and then apply the nematodes again in September time.

Or not to turf although I would like to do something this week. I have thought about not turfing at all and doing something else in the garden but not sure what.


Any advice or ideas.


Thanks Carl


  • Carl PennyCarl Penny Posts: 13

    ok Thanks , would it be possible to apply them again and turf this week as you need to keep the area watered both for the grass and nematodes.


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