Some advice on Blue Falx & Cheddar Pink

JetmorganJetmorgan Posts: 79

I've been having a shed clearout and found a couple of rather old seed packets...1988...of Blue Flax - Linum Anglicum & Cheddar Pink - Dianthus gratianopolitanus (sorry if the spelling is not quite right)  I've no idea if they will germinate being over 25 years old, I've sown them in a seed tray of compost with a covering of topsoil and then fine gravel.

How are these plants at living & growing in window boxes??? I plan to build a potting table out doors and having a shelf with a trough for window boxes for some trailing plants and also some upright growing plants.



  • CeresCeres Posts: 1,823

    Hi Jetmorgan.

    Good luck with the seeds. If you get any germinating it will be a miracle as I doubt they have been stored in the optimum conditions, but you could be lucky. You don't actually need to put gravel on top of a seed tray......this might save you some money and effort in the future.

    If you get some plants then the pinks will be quite happy in a window box and you could also plant a couple of the flax at the back though they would be happier in the garden.




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