Climbers in pots?

Hi fellow gardeners! Just a quick question really.. I want to create a climbing flower wall (not sure what yet) I don't have a soil patch though, does it matter? Could I plant in a pot and will they have enough room in a pot to climb and flower up a wall? Thank you! Laura


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    hello image i know you can plant some clematis in pots (not montana ones though as they get too big).I'm sure someone will be along soon with more info for you.

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    Hello. As long as you water well and feed, it shouldn't be a problem. Just make sure pots are large enough. Clematis like taller pots for example as they have long roots that like to go deep.

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    If you go for clematis, try the boulevard collection, which have been bred especially for pots.  they grow to about 6 feet and flower all the way down.  About 20 different colours/types to choose from.  Cut down to 6 inches every Feb/march and feed with the slow release fertiliser and they do briliantlyimage  Heres mine (called Abilene) from last year


     Its been in that same pot for 5 or 6 yearsimage

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    Hi.  I have a very small garden so I have to resort to putting most things in pots.  I use big pots and tall pots.  I have several clematis in pots - wide and deep so that I can have annuals in front of the clematis to keep the clematis roots cool and hidden by foliage.  I have a few honeysuckle in pots - tall and medium wide and they do brilliantly.  I also have very large and wide plastic pots with loads of sweet peas in - big enough to put a wigwam of supporting canes in the pots.  All cheap pots from B&Q by the way.  They do well enough in my garden.  And I can move them around at leisure when the weather changes.  For the first time I've put climbing roses in pots this year but they won't be growing enough to climb this year so they're just 'in preparation' for when I move them somewhere permanent with climbing support.  But you can buy some mature climbers - the folks on here could give you advice on growth rates for climbing roses and how they are likely to progress over one summer.

    The trick I think is not to forget about them.  Water and feed and keep checking.  I get hellish winds in my garden so have to think carefully about where to place everything so they are settled to climb onto whatever structure is available for them.

    Compost choice is worth thinking about if you're keeping anything in a pot long term.  I've had brilliant advice from the good folks on this forum on what compost is a wise choice.

    Go for it.  Good luck.  I'm sure it will work out well.

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    I have passionflower in a pot that is new but getting on very well.  I am also aware of others who have both clematis and honeysuckle in pots.  I'm not sure of jasmine.  Ivy might also do well in pots.  I assume best way to help them succeed is ensuring soil is of good suitable quality and providing good support (both of which I think are already mentioned above).

  • I've successfully grown clematis, honeysuckle, tracleoospermum, jasmines..all in large pots for approx 10 years now. Vitax in April then fortnightly feeding and they are amazing. 

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