new Lupins gone all brown

I bought three new lupins and planted them in a bed with aquilegia and aliums and tulips (now gone over) . But all three have died off. The aliums I planted same time are ok. I did put a bit of blood fish and bonemeal at bottom of hole. Do lupins not like this? Cant think of any other reason.


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    Hi PurpleChris image

    Can you post a pic or two of the poorly lupins so we can look for clues?

    To upload a pic you need to click on the gree tree icon on the toolbar above where you type your post and follow the instructions image

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  • Interesting. I cannot seem to add a photo from my smart phone while viewing this on a smart phone. No green tree anywhere. Will try on laptop later image
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    It doesn't work on smart phones Chris, just tablets, PCs and laptops I think image

  • image


  • They were small but already hardened off and bought from and outside market a fortnight ago. Soil is good for aliums etc as above and I understood from Chelsea that lupins, aliums and aquilegias could be planted together so assumed they would like the same soil.  The ground is dark as I poured on water to see if they were thirsty.  There were no frosts since I planted them and they are in a very protected bed.  It is a bit shady though, so maybe they like to much light ? This pic shows the back left and you can just see the front one on the right which still has a millimeter of green stalk so am desperate to save it as they are supposed to be a lovely colour.  The trader I bought from on the market has been there for years so I dont think he is untrustworthy.  


  • I did wonder if the BFB had scorched the roots as I know you have to be careful with young plants but I have always used it when planting perenials.  Just dont understand why everything else I planted is OK and not those image  Love me Lupins

  • Ah well.  Guess I will just buy bigger ones imageimage  How do I make the soil less alkaline just for them?  Bury rusty nails?  or is that just hydrangeas?  

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    The one closest to the camera seems to still have a whole unopened leaf? I would dig it up, check there are no slugs on the roots, cut the brown bits off and put it back in a pot somewhere sheltered to see if it picks up.

    It might not come back but worth a tryimage

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    I think at that size I'd have potted them on and kept them going in pots until next spring when I would have planted them out.  They're so susceptible to aphids and slug attack, when they're little they don't stand much of a change. 

    Have another go image

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