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How to convert this to a lawn

Hi all,

I am moving to a new house with a garden area which has been neglected for a good number of years (see picture below).  Can anyone suggest what steps I could take to restore this very tussocky and wild area to a reasonable grassy lawn again?

thank you!




  • MLeightonMLeighton Posts: 4

    Thanks Edd. I don't think I would get a mower across it as it is - it is too tussocky and uneven.  Rotovating sounds a good idea - if I can level it out and then what do you think - returf or reseed?

    Not sure what the graass emerging in the foreground is - will let you know when I move in.  Looks like some kind of reed?

  • Dave MorganDave Morgan Posts: 3,123

    Not sure that isn't crocosmia which has died back in the foreground, with the new shoots coming up through it. You can hire turf cutters to strip the grass back for quick results, but by the look of it it'll be more effective to use SBK as a weed killer for that mixture, which will include sedges and tougher grasses.

  • MLeightonMLeighton Posts: 4

    Thank you Dave - the existing surface is extremely irregular - you could sprain an ankle in the hollows if you are not careful walking over it, so not sure a turf cutter could manage the job.  Quite like the idea of SBK to clear out other species though - would it kill the tough grasses do you think, as it is not supposed to kill off grass at all is it?

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