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Tomato leaves wilting

I posted this on talkback before realising that there was a problem solving area! soz!

Only some of the leaves are drooping. The top is ok. No markings etc on leaves. The stems of leave wilted leaves look  like they've had the life sucked out of them part way up.....Sort of pinched in. I could cry as these are bought in plug plants I've nurtured.

Please help's the last straw in a rotten day!


  • LoxleyLoxley Posts: 5,232

    As I said on the other thread, pics would be very helpful. Hopefully it's just that the plants are a bit stressed. If they're in pots they could be getting a bit dry, if they've been planted out, they might just be acclimatising to being outdoors. That will cause them to lose the odd leaf.

    If it's a pest/disease a pic will help but it's hard to say otherwise.

  • Daft as this may sound, have they got too hot and suffered heat stress?

    This week even on a dull day my thermometer registered 35°C, now plants go into survival mode above 30°C and wilt.

    I have just been talking to one of my friends who was telling me about a plant stimulant solution they use for the glasshouses in the Middle East/Southern Europe where the tomato plants were wilting in the midday sun (even with millions of £'s worth of ventilation and cooling systems installed!).

    He was saying that one of the common signs is wilt and that during the day the plants would shed leaves and flowers in extreme cases, and then recover overnight (with watering/feeding), but when the plants had wilted they lost a massive amount of yield.

    If it is heat stress they should recover to an extent but they may be susceptible in future.

  • PinkheartPinkheart Posts: 61

    Lol! Too hot?! It's nearly June & I'm still having to wear woolly hat & scarf! It's about 13degrees here, bit windy, sunny now but cold. Never had this happen before. The leaf stem looks pinched.

    i'll take a photo but unsure how to post it on here!

  • I know, i couldn't believe the thermometer the other day!

    Felt pretty ambient outside...only just short sleeves weather, but thermometer had registered a high of 35°C....won't be reading that today though!!


    Bring on the sunshine!.......PLEASE!!!

  • PinkheartPinkheart Posts: 61


     I'm not sure we'll get ANY summer here! Worked out how to upload a pic. This shows the pinched stem.....

  • PinkheartPinkheart Posts: 61


     This is what leaf looks like.......worried this pic will disappear like the one above least it has on my iPad. Sigh. Not a good day!

  • PinkheartPinkheart Posts: 61


     Ahha! Pics are back! This shows stem problem and the droopy leaf.

    could it be the wind doing it? If so, should I move it to my little plastic 'greenhouse'?


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