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Removing small trees

ZappaZappa Posts: 17

Newbie needing advice - I would like to remove a couple of small trees which are in the middle of the lawn, they are ever fast growing trees and already in the way when I am mowing the lawn.

Whats the best way to save the grass? 

I was thinking of doing it in this way

  • Cut out the grass in little squares  (how best to do this?)
  • put the soil to one side
  • remove the tree and roots
  • return soil and  level
  • stick grass back on top


  • LoxleyLoxley Posts: 5,238

    What trees are they? Are you sure you won't regret removing them - you could make a nice planting bed around them to avoid the mowing problem.

  • ZappaZappa Posts: 17

    I am not sure of the name to be honest, but I plan to take them out of the lawn and to put nice climbers and a little bed etc along the fence and keep the lawn just as spacious as possible, its not very big as it is. 


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