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the bluebells in my raised bed, & under the trees down here in Folkestone, have died now  & need trimming or removing.  Can you please advise best procedure now?  The NEW gardening team that come in every two weeks to mow the lawns here in this communal garden, started digging up my bluebells in the raised bed I look after. having planted new crocosmia in the bed last month, I don't want the soil disturbed, so I stopped them digging up the bluebells........because they have been the only colour since the daffs died down, & I want them to come up again next year.

Can I de head them, & wait for them to died back, just like my daffs ?    Be grateful to know what to do now? Heard mention of invaders "Spanish bluebells"  on Springwarch tonight !   Should I have let the gardeners dig up my bluebells then ?  ?  "Confused"  ???? - thanks, Tads ????


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    You can tell which ones you have if you compare the flowers and the leaves.

    Mine come up every year and look a real old mess after they have finished flowering. I just grab the flower stalk and give it a tug. It comes away very easily. That's if you don't want them to seed. 

    I leave the leaves on until they start to go yellow and yucky, then I pull those off too.

    Apophthegm -  a big word for a small thought.
    If you live in Derbyshire, as I do.
  • TadsTads Posts: 210

    thank you pansyface ????

  • I have bluebells in the garden and I usually leave them to die down naturally I grow

    them in the same area as my daffodils which grow in a heavy loam soil. I never move them incase they don't come up the following year . When they have died down I have other plants growing that will replace the colour of the bluebells in summer.

  • image I'd rather leave the leaves on the plants when they have finished flowering as

    the natural goodness goes back into the bulb for the following year.

  • TadsTads Posts: 210

    Thankyou for responding sorbus green...???? v grateful for your reply. ????


  • TadsTads Posts: 210

    sori, my smiley faces seem to appear as question marks ! 

  • TadsTads Posts: 210

    mmmmnn, kinda did do so, so thanks for this...Tetley 

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