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New RHS member

Peanuts3Peanuts3 Posts: 759

I've just joined the RHS and have booked tickets to Hampton Court for the first time.  So excited.

Soes anyone know if you go to a RHS Garden centre, ie Wisley, do you get any perks for being a member ?  I've been looking forward to going in that garden centre for about a year now... Just wondered if members get any discounts or offers ? 

Anyone know ? Thank you.


  • WelshonionWelshonion Posts: 3,114
    Don't think so as the Garden Centre is open to the public. The major perk is the gardens; they are wonderful. Allow a full day there and there are things of interest in every season. And you get a good magazine which deals with specific plants and vegetables in depth.

    We're a long way from Wisley but my son lives comparatively near so I always try to go when I can.
  • Peanuts3Peanuts3 Posts: 759

    I did ask when I was there, and they said they get a lot of enquiries from Members, but the RHS are ignoring it.  Did treat myself to some lovely plants today though, but have come to the conclusion its actually a good idea to take kids in, they get so bored you don't spend half the time or money in there you would otherwise do...

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