Help to identify a Hyacinth feaured in Chelsea Flower Show

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A friend posted a picture on Facebook of a beautifully luminous purple hyacinth featured at this years Chelsea - unfortunately he didn't take the name of the plant or the stand.  I have spent hours pouring over the internet to try to identify the bulb to order for next spring without any luck - including looking at the medal winners table to try to get ideas and contacts.

I know this is a long shot but did any forum readers visit Chelsea and perhaps could help identify plant or grower for ordering.  The Facebook page of the original post is private and I cannot copy to help identify.



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    Stanley - i went to Chelsea, and saw(or rather smeltimage) the hyacinth display.  Just looked it up in the catalogue and think it was by Pennings 'DeBilt' -  Can't help you with the variety, but I hope their website can helpimage

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  • Stanley 2Stanley 2 Posts: 25

    Many thanks Chicky - will try their website. image

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    The friend who posted on Facebook has sent me another photo he took an it identifies the hyacinth as Miss Saigon - unfortunately the picture is not clear enough to see the stand or ordering instructions but it gives me a lot more to go on.  Many thanks to everyone for their help.  image

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    Gorgeous colour - some available here - think you'll have to be quick - it says they're not freely available in the UK!


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  • Stanley 2Stanley 2 Posts: 25

    Thanks everyone - I emailed Pennings de Bilt and they gave me a link to Bloms Bulbs so I now have two websites to try.  Rose Cottage accept orders from 1 June so I will see what happens.  Good stuff and will let everyone know how I get on image


    I finally ordered from Bloms Bulbs who were very helpful - so just waiting for Miss Saigon to arrive later in the year.

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