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Hi all, 

i have a Victoria plum tree that produces blossom and the leaves then curl and turn yellow and no plums appear. I have had this tree for about 6 years planted in my garden. I have told its self pollinating.

thanks in advance for all your help


  • pansyfacepansyface PEAK DISTRICT DerbyshirePosts: 18,625

    I think the two problems are maybe not connected. 

    If you live somewhere cold, as I do, the plum blossom is often unfertilised by bees because the weather isn't warm enough to send them out foraging. My Victoria was covered in blossom but I will only get a few kilos of fruit off it this autumn. And that is not counting the wasps, the plum moth, the blackbirds and any other passing critter that fancies taking a chomp out of them before I can.

    The yellow leaves may be due to too much water in the ground. Or the soil may be lacking in a particular nutrient. Are you growing the tree in grass? If so, have you cut out about a square metre of the grass around the tree to allow it to take up rain and nourishment?

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