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gooseberry mildew

If the bush with fruit on is sprayed with myclobutanil when can the fruit be used


  • Thank you for your help

  • Hi Verdun just about to post ref gooseberry mildew when this one popped up 

    I've got many of the fruits on two bushes affected do I remove every thing and give up on the crop this year? It's their 2nd year and would have been my first crop.I thought I had pruned into a bowl shape but obviously not airy enough???image   if all the fruit is lost should I prune now and perhaps think of training them along a trellis instead of being bushes. 

  • Hi anyone have looked in an old garden book and it suggests washing soda solution has anyone tried this?

  • Would you prune out any of the possible mildew bits first ?

  • Just bumping this thread up for Angel hope it helps

  • LoganLogan Posts: 2,532
    Never had trouble with mildew on mine and I never prune only cut out old wood
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