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Wisteria leaf droop

I planted a Wisteria floribunda Multijunga last autumn against a sunny fence and this year its started looking healthy lots of new leaf shoots. Recently I've notice a lot of the leaves part way along their length seem to bend and from there to the tip shrivels up. Is this  insect damage or what?  

Please can anyone help, I so love wisteria, ( a previous attempt died in its first year, but not with this leaf problem)

Many thanks

Highland Mary


  • Wisteria can be slow getting going, and need a lot of water when starting out. Also, how far from the wall did you plant it?  If it's too close it will not get enough water even when it rains.

    I have one that's been in for three years and only this year has it really started to grow leaves.  The other one covers two walls of the house, but I do give it lots of water and feed it.

  • Hi Gardenning Granny

    Thanks for your advice, I shall keep it well watered and fed and look forward to it 'getting going' in a year or so.


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