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Courtyard / mediterranean

My garden is quite small (about 21-24 sq metres). I have a general idea about what I would like to do but do any of you have a courtyard or mediterranean style garden with a pergola?

I'm looking for some tips and inspiration.



  • ButtercupdaysButtercupdays Posts: 4,495

    Some more information might help you get more replies. Is it sunny or shady? Is it actually a courtyard with walls or a fenced area? Is it already paved or are you thinking of stone or gravel? Whereabouts are you - this will affect plant recommendations?

    If it were me I would be thinking along the lines of lots of pots, large and small, either terracotta or glazed, some with statement plants like palms, cordyline, oleander or olive trees and others with bright flowering plants like pelargoniums and petunias. Maybe a grapevine for that pergola. But need more info for fine tuning.

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