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Very small creamy yellow rambler rose


I'm staying at a house with a vigorous high mixed hedge in coastal North Norfolk. I'm entranced by a most beautiful tiny yellow rose which is growing healthily through and along the top  and sides of the hedge - (sorry no photo - haven't got the right lead with me!) - its  a single, cream yellow - only ever opens to a cup shape -very floriferous with tiny yellow cups (less than 1" diameter, all the way up a long  approx 18" flowering stem. I'd have said it was a Rosa banxia apart from the single flowers and very very small composite leaves. Each individual leaf stem on the flowering stems has 9 leaf-lets(double pinnate -(so they come off the stem opposite each other - with a final leaf at the end) while the new whippy, mostly unflowering stems' composite leaves have sometimes 11 tiny leaves  and sometimes 13. Each small leaf-let is approx between  5 to 7 mm in length. 

The newer whippy stems have soft thorns and the flowering stems (last years growth) have small harder thorns. 

Its really very beautiful - especially as these small yellow cups contrast so well with the solid green of the hedge thats supporting it. I've looked at pictures of the R.Banxia - and the leaves of the Banxia just look like more normal rose sized leaves (actually I have to say there are more normal sized leaves nearby - 7 leaves to the whole composite this time (no flowers though) maybe the smaller leaves are the original, and the larger the sucker?

Thanks for your help -sorry if the terminology is a bit approximate ! Although I'd love to get hold of one of these roses, I suspect I am going to be told its just a lucky freak that happens sometimes to old roses. Hope not. 

Annyfran L





  • LoxleyLoxley Posts: 5,543

    It sounds like Rosa xanthina 'Canary Bird', a shrub rose. and hands down one of the nicest roses IMHO. Does it look like this?


  • Annyfran LAnnyfran L Posts: 13

    That certainly does look like it - although it never opens that widely. Sorry to be thick, what does IMHO mean? 


  • Annyfran LAnnyfran L Posts: 13

    IMHO In my humble opinion... sorry, of course!

  • LoxleyLoxley Posts: 5,543

    Perhaps this one? Fits better with your description of it as a rambler.

    R. banksiae 'Lutescens'

    R. banksiae 'Lutescens'

  • Oh, that's beautiful! Sorry, nothing useful to add - just love this. Is it fragrant?

  • Sorry didn't see this til now. Think its more likely to  the Rosa Banksiae Lutescens (thanks) since it was definitely a rambler. Come the summer I will put a photo up if I get the chance to see it again...since I think there's a just a chance it could be an interesting specimen. The tiny flowers did not open up as much as the photo here of the Lutescens. They stayed uniformly cup shaped. 

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