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Who's been eating my green berries?

My red currant bush did not fruit last year, possibly too young. This year it is heavy with strigs and I looked forward to redcurrant jelly with the christmas ham. 

Despite the fact that no colour is yet showing the berries are being stripped from the lowest branches, there are empty stalks and lots showing damage. Worst of all the green berries are lying on the ground, so the culprit has not taken them for food.

Have I got a colour-blind blackbird? Has anyone else had this problem?

I have ordered a fruit cage, tied the lowest branches up and put a net over the bush until the cage arrives. Hopefully there are still enough currants left for a pot or two of jelly...


  • MinigranMinigran Posts: 8

    Oh dear, quick check on a reference or two indicates this is endemic in some varieties. Do I need to dig it up and start again, or just grin and bear it?

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