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Sprinkler idea help

Hi all, I'm a bit stuck for ideas. I have a raised bed roughly 30 metres long x 1 meter wide, with a fence panel along the length. With various plants within the raised bed. I was thinking of having 30 meters of hose connected to the fence, with some sort of sprinklers branching off the hose. Which I can then connect to the water supply. Let it water the plants then turn it off when done. Does any one have any better ideas / products would be useful for this project. Thanks a lot.


  • Blue OnionBlue Onion Posts: 1,962

    A soaker hose is ideal.  Less loss of water, less issues as foliage doesn't get wet, and it will soon be hidden by the leaves.  I have mine on a timer switch so it goes every third morning early AM.  You can also get a cheap countdown timer dial you twist, which shuts off the water after your selected amount of time passes.  It's saved me as sometimes I would forget the hose was on for an hour or more.. I would get distracted gardening!  

    Utah, USA.
  • Sounds great, I'll look into these.

    Thanks guys
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