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Frosty plum and small leeks

LeifUKLeifUK Posts: 573

The buds on one of my plums are dry, and crumbly. Is this frost damage? The other nearby is fine. I think the damaged one is slightly later flowering, and we had a late frost in early May. Presumably it will retard growth this year, or will it make more buds, as per a chilli? 

Also, my leeks are tiny, sown in beds in early April, took ages to sprout, and most are only 1mm wide. Ones sown in modules in a coldframe are up to 5mm wide. Is slow growth normal? Next year I might sow all in modules and plant out. 

Having sown Pak Choi, beetroot and sweetcorn in modules, it seems to be the way to go for faster growth. I wonder if root restriction is part of the secret, not just warmth? Restricting chillis does allow more top growth. 


  • WelshonionWelshonion Posts: 3,114
    The fruiting buds on your plum were developed last year and depended on the weather last summer.

    Judging by the wonderful blossom this year, last year suited the shrubs and trees.

    If we have a good summer this year, your plum will flower well next Spring.
  • LeifUKLeifUK Posts: 573

    I don't think they are fruiting buds. I think these are buds that form the new branches. I was not expecting fruit, as the flowers all fell off. 

  • WelshonionWelshonion Posts: 3,114
    Could be cold winds.
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