Foxglove illumination pink

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My foxglove illumination pink plants are growing apace over this winter. I have high hopes they will be large by the time I plant them out in the garden in the spring. I have potted on twice....second time today....and they seem eager to grow vigorously. Have others found these plants to be so vigorous?


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    I think it's to late now, but encourage new growth of it by cutting flowering stems down to the ground. Flowers usually appear late springthrough the summer.Best luck, ThaiGer

  • ThaiGerThaiGer Posts: 165 a lucky man...many pot-plants we have to plant out, after every season change (Oct.and June) we give them wormtea in the first 3 years, it's realy a good alternative to "normal" invigoration of flower plants...greetings, ThaiGer.

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    Perennial fogloves would be good. I have some of the apricot ones as seedlings, but i think they are only the biennial type , I love the new colours now.
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  • I like growing fox-gloves and might try a perennial type this year,I love to see them in a group in a border.

  • Verdun wrote (see)
    There was a thread earlier about these perennial foxgloves but I think these are a different type, viz., bushier, summer-long flowering and truly perennial. And the colour is good too. Mine were bought in the autumn but are growing like mad...potted twice I think they will make good show in the summer

    Yes, you are correct.  They are a new cross.  I have just the other day ordered some from the Gardeners' World Magazine.  There was a special offer, which finishes at the end of this month (Jan).  Wish I had ordered them a bit earlier though.  I suppose the only thing to be careful of, is not to pull them out when they finish, if they are anywhere near ordinary foxgloves.  Maybe need to put a label on them.  June

  • Im still waiting for mine to be delivered, should have been with me last sept/october. So hopefully wont be too mlong befre they are with me

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    Still waiting for mine from the autumn order as well. Hope they are as good as they say.

    I was going to pot one up as Christmas pressie for a friend, hopefully she can have it for Easter image

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