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Clematis troubles

Hi I have a couple of Clematis growing in the garden. Bought last year they started off a bit slow but then took off towards the end of the year and this spring started growing really strongly with lots of beautiful flowers till about a month ago.

However the some of the leaves and stems started turning brown. I looked at pruning any affected areas but upon further investigation the stem of the plant seemed fine and then tracing further along the leaves and stems are green and seemingly fine. I am unsure as to whether I can treat the plant or whether I just cut the away everything right back to the main stem and start over.

I have attached a photo for reference any help on what to do and also how to prevent this from happening again would be great.

Many Thanks




  • WintersongWintersong Posts: 2,436

    Nice pic! The garden I mean image

    I can't see anything other than stem damage at some point. Do you have a dog?Big feet? Flying footballs? Bad wind? Not you, the garden image

    Rest looks healthy so no worries image

  • clkclk Posts: 95

    Could it be clematis wilt? I googled it and found this: "You'll know if you have wilt because the buds right at the top of the plant are the first to droop and then it all collapses." But it doesn't look like any of the clematis I'm familiar with - is it an evergreen type? I've read that evergreens are particularly sensitive to drying winds.

    I have a different problem with my clematis - not an evergreen. Picture attached.


    Last year the leaves on about the whole bottom half of the plant turned a funny colour and went crispy. I wondered if it was lack of water so this year I've been watering more (although I know they do have deep roots so it might not have been sufficient and we've had barely any rain here lately). However, a few of the lower leaves have gone funny again - a kind of blackening with white speckles. The speckles aren't a pest, they are part of the leaf.

    Many thanks for any help.

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