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I grew Sungold last year, and tried Black Russian (a heritage variety), I also grew Tumbling tom, red and yellow varieties. Due to the pathetic amounts of sun, the black russian produced fist sized toms but hardly ripened, whereas the sungold and tumblers did very well. I'm thinking with the abysmal sun count we have had the last few years, to go for Sungella which are a cross between sungold and tigerella which supposedly produce 'golf-ball' sized fruits, perhaps finding the happy medium between size and ripening?

Anyone else tried these, and also any suggestions on varieties that grow fruits about the size of a golf ball?

Thanks in advance


  • Busy-LizzieBusy-Lizzie Posts: 16,773

    I tried Sungella and was full of anticipation for it after reading about it, but I was rather disappointed. The flavour was a bit bland and not like Sungold and the skins were a bit tough. I always grow Sungold, they are the best cherry tomatoes, I buy the seeds in England, but I live in France and the varieties here are not the same so I can't advise you on what else to get.

    Dordogne and Norfolk
  • Caz WCaz W Posts: 1,353

    I've bought some Tumbling Tom seeds to try for the first time.  Did you grow yours in a greenhouse or outdoors? 

  • thanks for the replies, I grew most indoors, but did have a basket and a pot outside, needless to say, the GH easily out performed the outside ones. With the last few summers we've had, starting to wish my whole garden was a GH!!!

  • Caz WCaz W Posts: 1,353

    Will probably grow them inside then but will be optimistic and risk one or two outside image.

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