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Hello,Does anyone know if it is safe to use grass compost that has turned to lovely black dirt ,but you do not remember when you used weed n feed on the lawn.It has been sitting there for about 4 years now.I have only used weed n feed maybe twice,      Thank You, Debra


  • Hi Debra,  The best thing to do is test it by putting some in a pot or tray and sowing some fast-growing seeds, like mustard/cress on a windowsill.  If it germinates and grows ok, it's good stuff! image

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  • Hi Bob,I will give it a go and see how it works,It has been sitting out in the rain and snow for so long and is to lovely to waiste.Thanks ,Debra

  • Bob's is a the sure way to check. Another quick test is to see if it still smells - anything other than an 'earthy, musty' smell is an indicator it has not  fully composted. 4 years is a long time - typically you can hotcompost grass in 7-14 days and cold compost it in under 6 months. I read many reports and they all indicate the majority of DIY garden feeds will breakdown in well under a year.

  • thanks Tony I think it will be fine. Debra

  • Busy-LizzieBusy-Lizzie Posts: 23,131

    Normally lawn weedkillers are harmless a year after use. I don't mean unused still in the bottle. So the compost should be OK 4 years later.

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  • thank you lizzie I sure I will have lots more questions as the season progresses. Debra

  • I had a large quantity of this too, again at least 4 years old. I dug some of this into my vegetable garden and crops grew really well. The remainder I mixed into my general compost heap. Try either of these.

  • Thanks,I'll try it.

  • Hi, I am glad to say the seeds have sprouted.The compost is good to go .Was digging in the garden today.due to get cold here tomorrow,I heard you are to get some snow.Thanks All, Debra

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