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honeysuckle problem

Don't know about your grub Gertie - I take it this is the first time you've seen it on your honeysuckle?

I think the chilli peppers indicate that it's one of the most active threads.



  • Dave MorganDave Morgan Posts: 3,123

    I can't say I've seen this on honeysuckle before Gertie. Just squish them and see what happens, honeysuckle is fairly robust so I doubt there'll be long term damage.

  • Blue DragonBlue Dragon Posts: 74

    Tiny black dots encased in a white 'web' like structure that is inside a curled up leaf. Does that sound right? Sounds exactly like what I had a problem with last year with one of my Honeysuckles (but strangely not with the other one). Not sure what you call these Mite-like creatures, but they seem to go for the newest leaves, so I pinched these infected leaves out every time I saw any sign of them and put them in the rubbish bin. It did seem to eventually work, and this year, at least so far, I've seen no re-occurrence.

    And maybe I should mention that they only infected my disiduous Honeysuckle, my other, evergreen, Honeysuckle was completely unharmed : /

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