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Hanging baskets

Is it safe to hang up my hanging baskets - they are taking up valuable space in my greenhouse but I don't want any frost damage.  Advice please.


  • I wouldn't put them out just yet. Start hardening them off by putting them outside during the day then back under cover at night for a week. If you really are desperate for space you could put them in a sheltered area of the garden and fleece if a frost is forecast. It's always a good idea to harden them off first so they can adjust to the change in temperatures.

    I don't like to put mine out or my bedding plants out until the first week of June which by then, fingers crossed, there shouldn't be a risk of frost but it's always good to keep an eye on the forecast. 

  • midgeletmidgelet Posts: 10

    Thanks, NGCARDS, I will follow your advice.

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