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Talkback: Growing apple trees

Having a apple tree overhanging into our garden I agree they are lovely this time of year its branches are a bit all over the place but the fruit last year tasted like nothing you could buy,just to go down the garden and pick them after watching them grow all summer is great.I have planted 2 fruit trees last year in half barrels one a necterine and one a cherry.


  • where is monty don.He has gone from gardeners world with no explanation.
  • I have a beautiful young apple tree in my garden which is currently in full bloom. The only thing is, I don't know whether it's a male or female. How can I find out?

    Many thanks
  • I have just bought an espalier apple tree, which I am hoping to keep in a large container. I only have a small garden so this method is ideal. Has anyone any experience of this type of growing as I would be grateful for any advice, being a novice but enthusiastic gardener.
  • I moved here with my family in 1975, one apple tree was demolish and the other cut down and this quickly grew again I have had many years of beautiful blossom on this tree such a delight the fruits no good but what the matter.
  • My apple trees haven't blossomed this year. Why? they did well last year and look healthy.
  • Just reading Penske666 blog on tree sizes,I have no idea on that for the two I planted in my half barrels,my trees came from a supermarket,but being in barrels I don't think I will finish up with monsters.I was also interested in the contents of Ian's blog on male and female trees,I have seen this information on some plants but never noticed it on fruit trees but I think one of my trees had on self pollinating could this be? I've never had fruit trees before.One thing I have bought this past week female is my cucumber plant,so does this mean you can get male ones?if thats not a silly question.
  • I'm puzzled about Monty Don too. Carol Klein talks about him as if he's dead. What's happened?
  • I have a Bramley that I bought about 30 years ago as a weeny stem. It's now more than 20 ft. across and goodness knows how high, but keeps me in amazing apples throughout the year (after I've given bagloads away). They certainly earn their keep!
  • If you're short of space I can recommend growing minarette (narrow vertical) fruit trees. If you purchase from a reputable supplier you get care and pruning instructions supplied with them. I have 2 apple varieties, 2 plum and 2 pear trees.
  • My apple tree has developed a white powdery fungus on some of the branches. Notice ants running up trunk. Any ideas how to treat?
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