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Talkback: Spiders in the compost bin

Great post - love all things composting. Compost heap is a thriving eco-system of bacteria, fungi and worms decomposing waste and other predators moving in to eat them up (spiders)

Read with interest that you are only getting compost infrequently (10 years!). I would expect 1-2 years in a ‘cold’ compost heap like your beehive and 3-6 months in hotbin composting. (A compost heap at 60C decomposes 32 times faster than an open heap at 10C). Views will differ on the eco-system benefits, but 60C also kills of all spiders and other insects.


  • artjakartjak Posts: 4,167

    In the summer I expect compost from my 'daleks' every 3 to 6 months, but I do add compost accelerator granules and the odd dollop of horsemanure. The 2 bins get a fair amount of sun and are protected from chilly winds on 3 sides, I do add water sometimes. I always feel a huge sense of achievement when I empty one out and sieve it to use, though of course it is nature that does all the hard work; I just nip out there once a day with veg waste from the kitchen and plant waste from the garden.image

  • there is a lot of life in a compost bin,worms of every size and shape,earwigs,and allsorts of creepy crawlies,mice and rats,fox and cat sit on top and I wish I could say hedgehog.I have toads and newts in the greenhouse.

  • happymarionhappymarion Posts: 4,591
    My favourite occupants of my three green "Daleks" are slow-worms. They curl up inside and get longer and longer. Sometimes they produce families of little ones. When I had to empty all three at once when i had eight new raised beds to fill I worried about them finding their way back but it did not take long.
  • yes,my daughter had some in her garden last year,gave me a shock as I thought I was picking up a worm.

  • Your compost bin sounds really great, enjoyed reading about it. Sounds like you could make a very interesting wildlife programme about it!
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