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Laurel plants

Could anyone help.i would like to make a hedge out of laurel in the spring out of far apart do they need to be planted and do they grow quickly or do they take there time .if they is a faster growing plant that I could use instead to grow as a hedge could you let me know thank you.image


  • Hi Tracy

    We have a gi-normorous laurel hedge at the bottom of the lawn but it has been there for yonks so I cannot advise on anything! However googling 'planting a laurel hedge' gives loads of hits, some of which might help. I'm sure some of the more experienced posters will help. You say a faster growing plant could be used so what exactly do you want to achieve? image

  • I would like to make a hedge that won't take years and years to grow. It's to hide the passing traffic on the main road and to hide the awful wire fencing at the front of my house
  • Laurel is the fastest growing evergreen shrub suitable for hedging that I can think of.  Do keep on top of the pruning when it matures though, otherwise it can get out of hand (you will end up with a row of laurel trees!)  The good news is that overgrown laurel can be cut back hard (to the ground if needed) and it will quickly grow back.  As you are making a hedge, I'd suggest planting them about 40 to 50cm apart.  Also best prune using secateurs as a normal hedge trimmer will damage the leaves which will then look a bit unsightly and may allow diseases to enter, such as leaf spot and shothole. 

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  • Thank you chilli lover and bob the gardener you have given me loads of help I best look out for some to buy nowimage
  • lynne24lynne24 Posts: 121

    hi, do laurel need a lot of sun? you have given me an idea tracyshed   image

  • Hi lynne24 I have no idea but the front of my house has sun all morning in good weather so I hope they like sun.image
  • lynne24lynne24 Posts: 121

    hi tracyshed, i had a look on another site, they ok in sun or semi shade, so good luck to both of us


  • Ours is in a dip in the land, bordering a stream, running north/south and gets next to no sunshine except the rising and setting sun and it has no problems flourishing! image

  • Oh we'll done Lynne 24 for looking well yes best get buying then yes good luck to you too. We will have to let each other know how we get on later in the year with our laurels. image
  • lynne24lynne24 Posts: 121

    ha ha good idea image

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