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first time garden -- too much water?

 dug up a portion of the yard soil was really wet past a shovel head or so down, i was lazy to start so i didn' go further.  let the soil dry a few days and then filled and planted.  for curiosity sake i took an equal size area, and put the plants right in the soil wihout tilling, or weeding.  just covered with grass clippings and black plastic.

now i dig more, alot more, bout 36" by 230" with an additional 36" by 90" above that. 

i notice i dig not too far down,  within the hour that hole fills itself.  about a foot maybe below the surface.  i also noticed with the first area i dug,  during first rain the creek a bit aways got high as it does in the rain (everyone runs gutters to it) and the garden parts that were dipped too low were full of water.  rushed filled spots with soil (figured it was holes, filling in rain, but really i think its the water table. even with that soil there, below the level of that typically only a couple inch creek, is full of water i guess.

i have a giant hole in my yard presently.  dug a shovel head length below the water line, then filled with turf flipped upside to just above ( to keep the standing water away)

will my plants be ok?  can i plant the rest of my plants...  i mean, on the ups i reckon i likely ain't gotta worry about them needing water once their roots get down a foot... but like sometimes we get rain a couple days, and there's also root rot n stuff,

what should i do?  this is my first garden.


  • ButtercupdaysButtercupdays Posts: 4,404

    I guess there's not much you can do about the water table unless there's a drainage plan for the entire area.

    There are some lovely bog plants that won't mind wet feet. Do some research and learn to love them.

    I'd be more worried about my house foundations.

  • CurmudgeonCurmudgeon Posts: 38

    Are there lots of willows around you ?

  • WelshonionWelshonion Posts: 3,114
    Have you checked something is not leaking, like a water main?
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