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Composting in excavation

I am living in Africa Tanzania. I am in process of making compost, and this is The way I have started please advice if it work, I have dug a in earth 1 meter by 1 meter and depth of 1 meter and started putting all garden waste ie lots of flowers and grass cutting and trees leave, and I will start adding kitchen waste un cook ie fruit and veg waste only. Please can you comment on this as I do not want to put in in or on top of wooden pallet, can this work as the weather is warm and dug in the ground? ..


  • jo4eyesjo4eyes Posts: 2,058

    If you can layer the waste with soil then the waste will rot down more quickly & in a short while be ok to plant into.

    Even in the colder UK doing a bean trench- similar principle of layers of vegetable waste & soil- works after say 3 months. I start mine in late Feb, March & by the time it's warm enough to plant out small bean plants in late May, for me, most of the waste has composted. It's an excellent way of gradually improving the quality of previously un-used or impoverished soil. J.

  • If I have understood your post - you have dug a hole and are filling it with variosu types of waste. The key thing here is air will not circulate down into the hole - you will get anaerobic rotting and a digestate rather than aerobic compost. You hav a warm climate so i would google Idhore and/or New Zealand composting methods and use a bin above ground with good aeration. You could also look up hot composting.

  • Thanks, there was one more thing I would like to say if this can work just by filling in one heap? And if covered with little soil will it work as I would like to start this way. And I will come back with what the result comes.
  • ThaiGerThaiGer Posts: 165

    Hello Mohan, This forum is very busy and with "open ears" for problems and/or experiences of another kind of gardening...

    If you like to find some information about composting generally and in tropical areas on the other hand, you can look HERE . You'll find some article include aerobic/anaerobic, kitchen waste...,best luck and greetings, ThaiGer

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