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Is anyone growing busy lizzies now? I grew a few last year from my,own cuttings and they were disease free. Also growing new Guinea varieties. Busy lizzies are perfect for a couple shady spots in my garden but it looks like this option will now not be available. Anyone growing. Sunpatiens? How do they compare?


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    I grew Divine last summer and they were good image

    Pam LL x

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    Grew new guinea last year -sunpatiens a few years back-there didn't seem that much difference between the two

    I see that all the mail order companies-like Jersey Plants-are still offering "ordinary" impatiens seedlings/plugs-but the price seems to have risen by £3image

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    I grew the so called diseased waleriana from seed last year but kept them in the conservatory, where they are stil blooming, I bought some New guinea plugs from which I have now got loads of cuttings.
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    I am going to try growing impatiens and begonia from my own seed this year has anybody got tips/ do's and dont's

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    Colin Atkinson wrote (see)

    I am going to try growing impatiens and begonia from my own seed this year has anybody got tips/ do's and dont's

    You need to mix the seed with fine sand as it is tiny to get an even distribution-do not cover with compost- although a light covering of vermiculite is fine-it needs light to germinate and bottom heat.

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    Thanks sotongeoff I will try that

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    I've just purchase Begonia Semperfloren seeds from ebay and they are pelleted seed/pills which make it so much easier to sow. I have bought seeds from here before and they grow really well.

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    I always grow Impatiens Waleriana bought as plug plants from Jardin Express here in France, but 2 years ago I grew a very pretty double one and from August/ September all the leaves fell off. We went on holiday to Italy and I saw all the leaves had fallen off the impatiens there too. Last year I grew the single ones as usual and they did well and were healthy. The price has gone up by 1€ for 35 plugs.

    I buy plugs because when I grew them from seed they grew very slowly and weren't ready when I wanted them to be ready.

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    Hiya lyn. Do you take new guinea cuttings and place in water or pot on? Always did ordinary ones in water?

    Hey Verdun, I dug up a new guinea this autum to over winter and took a few cuttings in water on the window sill. They still look healthy after 8-10 weeks but not a sign of a root yet. As I recall, the old busy lizzies rooted in water quite quickly so I dont think this is going to work with this type. will try some in 50/50 compost and perlite and let you know how it goes

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    Yes, in a pot of water on the kitchen window sill Verdun. They rooted so quickly, I couldn't believe it! every one rooted. I then potted into compost and they are now in the cool conservatory. I didnt try do any straight into soil, as I read in a mag to do it in water.


    Gardening on the wild, windy west side of Dartmoor. 
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