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Waterbut downpipes

Reading comments on water butts prompted me to ask about down pipe connectors for a HALLS aluminium GH.The guttering is1" wide and I am unable to find a connection that fits. Any ideas please. Thank you.


  • If this:

    isn't the right one, perhaps give them a ring - phone number is at the top of that page.

    A trowel in the hand is worth a thousand lost under a bush.
  • artjakartjak Posts: 4,167

    When I got my halls Silverline last year, it came with small pipe from gutter, which my brilliant builder attached to slimline waterbutt. Any probs and I will photo it and post here for youimage

  • Thank you, Bob and Artjak. I did look butimage will  try again.

  • I do not want to sound mean,but if you have skips and people re -doing their gutters e.t.c. you can often find attachments to convert to your water butt free..We did, saves landfill and you money.image

  • Hi Jatnikapyar,  this one looks like the right one - to fit 25mm built-in guttering:

    They do seem expensive though.  It would be difficult to make something due to the design - mine is the same, they push into the end of the square-section aluminium gutter.  I lost one of the end-stops at the other end, so water just ran out, but I fixed that by replacing it with a large blob of silicone sealant (blu-tack would probably have done!)

    A trowel in the hand is worth a thousand lost under a bush.
  • Thank you Flowering rose.......I often do that. My neighbours had their garden "re-designed" and threw out 4 skip loads of beautiful plants(bought at great cost) and lots of pots etc. as they did not fit in their new design!

    I got permission and acquired some good gear for my garden.What a waste....small wonder that our planet is in trouble.

    Bob, you are right, I went on the site........almost £20.00p for a 1" connection!! Like you I shall do a "heath robinson" and stick it on with some aquatic glueimage

    By the way, I did something similar to you, using a a plastic "top" that are sold to protect plant canes as that bit is also not sold seperately but a "kit" for 20 pounds!! Boy, talk about rip off, the mind boggles.image

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