Nandina domestica (heavenly bamboo) - does it do well?

LunarJimLunarJim Posts: 49

Does this plant do well in partial shade with alkaline soil? Any diseases or tendency not to thrive? Does it have a main stem and branches coming out sideways or is it more like bamboo with multiple stems?

I want to plant one near the house to shield us from the neighbours bay window (we are in a semi) and driveway.  I need an upright plant that is evergreen and can be pruned if it grows too close to the house.

Thanks for your advice.


I've been caught out with other plants (photinia getting leaf spot and fatsia japonica not looking good) and want a plant that performs well given the location.


  • ObelixxObelixx Posts: 10,199

    It is not remotely bamboo like so is unlikely to make a decent screen.  I planted two a few years ago but they don't like my cold winters so I took the surviving shrub, still only 30cms high, into my bathroom for the winter and it has coped fine but not produced the red foliage for which I chose it.

    I suggest you have a look at pyracantha which is evergreen, can be trained as a   screen or wall shrub and has blossom in spring and berries in autumn so is excellent for wildlife too.   If you can improve your soil with plenty of well rotted garden compost and/or manure and keep your chosen new plant well watered for its first season it should thrive and fight off pests and diseases.

    The Vendée, France
  • GardenmaidenGardenmaiden Posts: 1,095

    I had one in my old garden, in clay soil. It used to flower profusely but it was only ever a central stem with 'branches' (not like tree branches) off of it. It only got to about 2.5 feet so I don't think it will grow to provide a screen quickly.

    I was going to suggest pyracantha like Obelixx as it does grow fast, has flowers and berries. I cut mine back to an inch wide stem and now its 9 feet tall and screens from the neighbours well.

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