Various lawn-related questions!


I am completely new to looking after a lawn but so far I have put down aftercut 4 in 1 treatment to get rid of weeds and moss etc. We had moss covering the lawn and so I have been mainly working on getting rid of that. It has been 2 weeks since applying aftercut 4 in 1 and a lot of the moss has died and we are in the process of raking it out (big lawn). So my questions:

~ On the areas that are left there still seems to be a small amount of moss. Do I wait to re-treat in June (after the mandatory 6 week period) to get rid of it all or do I just try to hand pick what is left out and then move on to overseeding (lots of bare areas now where moss has come out and it looks quite awful). There isn't a lot left but Im not sure if the small amount that is left could spread again and don't want to then damage newly sown grass.....?

My concern is having to wait to overseed too long and Spring turning to Summer and it no longer being a good time to overseed?

~ If it IS ok to just remove by hand the remaining moss (not a lot at all) and then move on to do I go about this? Is it ok to overseed and then look to fertilise after or do I need to fertilise what is left first to help it repair after vigorous raking? At what point in this process do I aerate (manually with a garden fork)? Is aftercut 3 day green a sufficient fertiliser? Can I apply aftercut 3 day green so soon after having applied the 4 in 1 (its only been 2 weeks)?


So you can see my dilemmas! Just don't want to get it all wrong and really damage the lawn.

Thank you in advance for any is really very much appreciated.


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    They used to sell ferrous sulphate as moss killer. You would dissolve it in water, and sprinkle on. I think EU rules now prevent this. It is also a fertilizer. So I don't think I can recommend you use this. I think some accidentally spilled onto my lawn, and killed all of my moss. How remiss of me. I must be more careful.

  • LeifUKLeifUK Posts: 573

    Oh ferrous sulphate can be bought allright, but the shop keeper cannot sell it as moss killer.

    Be careful of weed and feed, it contains hormonal weedkillers, which are powerful and will kill many veggies even in low concentrations. I have read that over application will damage or kill nearby shrubs and trees too, although I did read it on the internet, so it might not be accurate. image Whatever, be careful with the cuttings.

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    Thanks for the advice's very much appreciated!

    Where would I buy just ferrous sulphate from and how do I apply it/what ratio? Sorry it's just I'm completely new to this!

    would the ferrous sulphate just help with moss problems or other things too?

    many thanks 

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