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Countryfile "Grow Wild" seeds arrived

I received the Countryfile wild seeds today. The packet totals 2g (for 2sq m) for sowing in open full sun. Includes:

Autumn hawkbit


Field Scabious

Lady's bedstraw

Meadow buttercup

Oxeye daisy

Red campion

Wild carrot

Ribwort plantain

Scentless mayweed


Tufted vetch

White campion

White deadnettle

Yellow rattle

They are provided in association with Royal Botanical Gardens, Kew, The Big Lottery Fund and grown by Scotia seeds


  • As I found out to my cost (We scattered loads of wildflower seed on some wasteground near our house not long ago, but mainly weeds seem to be coming up at the moment), you need to prepare the ground for at least a couple of months in advance. This means hoeing it regularly, and applying glyphosate inbetween to anything that comes up (and stuff will come up, but you probably won't know what it is when it does).

    We didn't do this preparation and now we're having to manually kill off nettles, thistles, and mares tail to give the tiny seedlings a chance. image

  • GWRSGWRS Posts: 8,124

    Hello , I got some of these seeds but have a patch that is difficult to use on my allottment so I intend to scatter them there 

    yes even wild seeds need a prared area , best of luck image

  • sunnysarahsunnysarah Posts: 62

    I got mine the other week, had a spare raised bed that needed some weeding before hand so did that and then just scattered the seeds mixed in with flour. Seedlings are coming up and I`m sure they are not all weeds so will wait with baited breath image

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