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Grr.. Inhumane conditions

I went to my local farm and garden shop last night.. I usually don't shop there, but they were having a veg plant sale too good to miss.  It was dreadful in their green house, on account of all the poorly treated sickly plants they had on offer.  Tomatoes sickly yellow with brown spots flopping out of their tiny pots already trying to fruit.  Broccoli in flower!  Six inches of stem leggy squash.  Etc.  I found my three plants for the special offer, as a few things were in good condition.. but on the whole, it was dreadful.  How dare they try to sell such terribly treated plants.  Some new garden is going to come along and purchase something.. then feel a terrible failure when the results are likely death or poor/no production.  And on top of it all.. I felt terrible for the poor little plants.  Shame there isn't a vegetative form of RSPCA one could report them to.  

Utah, USA.


  • Blue OnionBlue Onion Posts: 2,995

    That's a good point Pansyface.  It doesn't really do much good complaining on here, other than to vent, it won't change them.  I think I'll send an email to their regional office.  Thanks for the idea.  

    Utah, USA.
  • If it was a farm shop they probably just sell them as a side line, and perhaps because  they are not selling they are then neglected.  I guess the people running the shop aren't terribly knowledgable about plants, is it an arable farm?

    The veg RSPCA? ... or the compost pile? image

    If you venture into DIY shop garden centres at the end of the season there are some equally poorly specimens and there are often an area of cut price offers for plants that would require tlc... (where there are deals to he had) ... could the farm shop have bought them cheaply to pass on at reduced cost? Or maybe trying to sell on excess seedlings? 

    Nevertheless pansyface and blue onion are right have a word, you might talk yourself into a job image

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