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Hi I want to replace a wisteria with a yellow climbing rose on front of my south to south facing house. As there is very little border, I think it will need to stay in a container. I will need it to climb up 7ft and then trail over a window. Does anyone have any tips? I have never grown roses before and don't know which varieties of climbers can stay in pots. Thanks


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    Golden Dawn is a beautiful yellow climber with a good scent.  You'll need a decent sized container to ensure that it doesn't dry out if it's on a south facing wall.  

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    I grew a climber rose in a half barrel once.

    You need to look at some rose web sites to, There are loads, scented, or not. I have been given a Lady Hillingdon, that has a wonderful scent, but probably will be too big.

    This rose is from David Austin. the re is another called Graham Thomas that can be a shrub or a climber. It is supposed to be amazing, perfume and disease resistant, and a good yellow colour. that also is a David Austin one. It's on my wish list.

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    You might look for Gardeners Glory. It is quite new, but looks and smells delicious!



  • Maigold is a beautiful rose, Daffodil Yellow,, Scented, Flowers 3" to 4" across and comes into bloom end of April if south facing. It has flowers on until the end of the summer.

    The only 'downside' is it is very prickley!!

    I had it growing in very  poor stoney soil and it reached  12 ft.. Eventually we had to cut it down as we couldn't cope with the thorns.

    Give it a try.


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    This is my pale yellow David Austin rose "The Pilgrim" in a pot, 18" tall 20" across, manure and earth topped with compost. It's in it's 2nd year and taller than it looks because I was standing on a low wall when I took the photo. It had no disease at all. My daughter has "Graham Thomas", much deeper yellow. I also have a repeat flowering, perfumed yellow rambling rose in a pot, "Malvern Hills". It grows taller and has lots of small yellow flowers. I bought it from David Austin, mail order, bare-rooted.

  • Busy-LizzieBusy-Lizzie Posts: 11,918

    When I gave the measurements I meant the pot, not the rose!!

  • Busy-LizzieBusy-Lizzie Posts: 11,918

    "Malvern Hills" on the left, "Phyllis Bide" on the right.

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    Living in Malvern I have 'Malvern Hills', lovely delicate sweetly scented pale yellow, classed as a rambler (repeat flowering, Still a few flowers now) I also have 'Phyllis Bide', apricot yellow not much scent. Only planted that this autumn though

  • Matty2Matty2 Posts: 4,820

    Those 2 roses look amazing Can't wait for mine to mature.image One is up an arch and one is on a pergola.

  • MaxcatMaxcat Posts: 4
    Thank you to everyone for those recommendations. If I end up with anything as lovely as those in the photos I'll be very happy!
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