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    Hmmm. Cookery was added to Design and Technology way back and the children seemed to spend an awful lot of time designing packaging! Not sure there's any evidence that it has improved the nation's cooking skills image

    Two problems that I see with these 'solutions' are i) that there may not be people with the appropriate knowledge and enthusiasm to teach the subject , ii) with pressure to teach to tests that have to be passed the subject will drop off the end of the timetable, iii) did I say two? I meant three! Gardening/growing isn't something that can be done effectively in one lesson a week for half a term or so, iv) I could go on but I will spare you, dear reader.

    Picks up soap box and wanders off muttering image 

  • why leave everything to teachers ,if you are a family learn together its not difficult and people might just find it fun with youngsters.leave schools to do what they do best .

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