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Black soggy seeds collected Saturday - Echincea


I collected some rather sorry looking seedheads from my Echinacea plant - black, wet and frosted from December.  I took discodavves advice and sowed them on Sunday, 2 days later 3 had germinated now 4 days on have around 60 poking through.  I did put them in a basic heated propogator.  When should I remove them form the propagator?

Did the same with seeds from the Eucomis- early December (pinapple flower)-have around 30 growing-  3 inch shoots. Had zero success with trying to propagate them from leaf sections.
Also spotted some Teasel seeds had sprouted within the cone (still on plant) so have potted them on indoors- so fingers crossed they will thrive too. 

Are there any other seeds woth trying now indoor and outdoor?


  • sotongeoffsotongeoff Posts: 9,802

    Once seed has germinated they do not need heat-now you need to grow them on slowly with good light or you will get lanky seedlings-can you provide those conditions?image

    I will repeat what have said elsewhere--germination is the relatively easy part -the next stage is more tricky-which is why I will be waiting for a lot more weeks yetimage

  • Thanks too true - Yes could be a problem- I use all my windowsills, as my plastic zipped greenhouse will be too cold!

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