how do I get a perfect lawn like green fingers?

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I am sick to death of dandelions growing underneath my mower blades and setting seed when my back is turned. My grass grows at different rates,so one part will be thick and difficult to cut and another bit would have hardly grown image

Any ideas what I can buy that makes a busy man have a nice lawn that is similar to what green fingers do?


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    A bit of general lawn care at this time of year will improve it - without too much effort. I expect from your description that the grass is quite mixed in type, but that isn't really an issue unless you want the 'green at the18th hole'. I moved to my current house a coupe of years ago. The front grass was compacted and largely buttercups, dandelions, daisies and moss. I've only fed it, used a weed and feed each spring and cut it regularly. It's now grass with only the odd weed - mainly seeding from other people's gardens - and looks very good.

    If you have any dips in the ground, it might be worth filling them with some topsoil/compost and re-seeding there. I don't aerate mine, although it would benefit from that, but if your ground is compacted or waterlogged I'd suggest you do  that. Take a garden fork and spike the ground to a good depth over the whole area. Grass needs air to thrive. You can brush sharp sand down the holes to help drainage too. If it's really bad, you can buy a tool for that which removes plugs of soil to make bigger channels. Regular cutting is vital - every 5 to 7 days through the season. That way, you encourage healthy growth. Hope that's of some help image

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