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sowing crocosmia

Have just got some crocosmia bulbs as a gift, I am a gardening newbie and was wondering when these bulbs should be planted? Thanks image



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  • awesome, thanks for that. Will plant now and fingers crossedimage

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    Plant now they are not fussy, I collected seeds from a pretty little yellow one last year and they are all up, so easy to propagate in the future.

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    Ive just saved some dry seeds from a crocosmia head from our CG

    I think I just broadcast them over wel dug and fine soil and water initially

    Comments please friends

    Its the only flower I REALLY love.

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    I sowed mine in pots, in the GH.  you know where they are then. Not sure if it’s a bit cold now to direct sow.

    Ive never had seedlings come up in the garden, only new little bulbs growing off the main ones. 

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    I've never had a self sown seedling either so direct sowing now is doubtful for success. If you have enough I'd sow some now and some in spring. I have germinated them but I can't remember what I did image

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    Same as any other seeds Nut. They soon pop up Then you can pot up separately but the seeds are big enough to put in modules or five or six to a flower pot then you can leave them in there.  I did germinate them indoors. 

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    I cold sow a lot of stuff over winter Lyn, I may have done that. 

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  • Just ensure, like all bulbs that the soil is well drained, so apply hort.grit with compost to the soil mixture. I do love Crocosmia as it a plant that never lets you down and gives such vibrant colour. I have Crocosmia  Okavango, Constance, Babylon and George Davidson in my garden so it's a bit of a favourite 

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