using hormone rooting powder

now many years ago we used hormone rooting powder bought in from the shops at the university i went to then ,was told rooting powder was really only weed you must not put to much on a cutting,

now have friends in universities in america who now tell me the best rooting powder which will grow a root on anything is the weeping willow,shoots,taken early ,mixed up in a food mixer in a kitchen which becomes a big wet mess,use this to dab into with your cutting,  


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    Rooting powder is generally a hormone to make the roots grow rather than a weed killer.  He's right about the willow being a natural rooting hormone - it contains indolebutyric acid and salicylic acid which are often the ingredients in rooting powders.  Worth having a go with soluble aspirin and honey too.

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    Have been taking cuttings for many many years , never used it and had great success, waste of money as far as im concerned.

  • It all depends on what plant you are trying to get cuttings from, for example watercress or mint for example will produce roots in days just by being put in water.

    Moving on to more of a challenge.

    The time of year is very important, likewise where you take the cutting from stem,basal shoot , or tip .

    Soft wood ,hardwood etc all have different skills needed.

    Rooting media is a subject on its own as are rooting gels, powder, tablets, and so on.

    The art of taking cuttings of ALL types of plants is almost never mastered without a lot of knowledge.

    I have spent years and years working with cuttings of hard to root subjects, helped by some Dutch experts, letting me have some auxin producing hormones, in horticulture  who produce millions of cuttings of popular plants for all to purchase.

    The hormones can mean the difference between strong healthy cuttings with strong roots and no roots.

    For the average gardener however I would agree perhaps not worth the money.




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    Cuttings from my acer never do anything. I've been trying with rooting powder but no success. I was led to believe it was a sure thing with rooting powder so I've felt like a failure every time a bunch of cuttings failed.

    My eyes are now open.
  • IN america university they say you can root any plant with willow rooting hormone, ,also if you put the young sticks from the willow tree in water for a few days ,and pour this water over a sick plant it will revive over night.and they show a cutting from a rose bush .pushed the cutting into the gel of the willow rooting hormone .then covered it in a large pot with soil the cutting soon started to grow,it is a home made solution .which cost you nothing to make .just want young sticks from a weeping willow or any willow,put these cut up sticks in water ready in two days,

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