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Climbing prickly plant for fence

Hi there.  I've joined the forum to ask for advice on plants which could be used in conjunction with a fence to secure a Labrador dog.  At present he's a pup but will obviously grow.  

I'm limited to a fence height of 3 feet, however plants can be much higher, but I'm searching for a low maintenance solution which won't reduce the limited ground area either, so bushes are generally out.  Electric hedge cutters are too heavy for me nowadays as well, unless it's for an occasional cut.

Is there a prickly climbing plant which could be planted near the fence and grow up and around it rather than out, which could be managed with a pair of hand cutters every so often? An additional complication is that it would need to grow across the top of the gate.

I'm sure there are plenty of prickly plants but I think most of these grow rapidly and would need plenty of attention.



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    I too immediately think of pyracantha. It will need support if it is to grow above the level of the fence.

  • I'm aware of this plant, but on other sites people tell me it grows like crazy.  Would it just stick to the fence or start expanding?

  • That said on here it says 'A trouble-free, effortless hedge.' not sure exactly what that means!image



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    Escallonia image

    My pyracantha grows free standing and doesn't need support. It won't stick to the fence it grows as a shrub. It can grow quickly when established but not uncontrollable with secateurs or a small saw. I believe the yellow and orange berried ones are less vigorous than the red berried ones. 

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    Pyracantha is all well and good, but if the dog gets a spine in his paw or skin it will mean trips to the vet, because they always go bad. Nothing growing is going to stop a Labrador. They are bred to push their way through thick undergrowth.

    Labrador and 3 ft fence is never going to be a good combination - they are active dogs. If you can't manage hedge cutters can you manage long walks twice a day?

    3 ft wire or trellis on top of the original fence is a minimum I should think.
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    Hi Stephen, I have a Mermaid yellow climbing rose against my shed. It has covered the shed but can be managed with pruning, grows really very quickly and has savage thorns! me, I have many thorn wounds! 

  • Yes thanks for that.

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    I'd go for a rambling rose , rather than a climber and tie it to wires set along the fence.

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